T-Haul Hybrid Trailers

Hybrid Trailers are specially built multipurpose 3A sanitary food trailers with the benefit of allowing both "pump off" or gravity unload. Hybrid Trailers can be easily converted.

Features Include:

  • 2014 or newer trailer
  • 6800 gallon capacity
  • 3” insulation between the inner and outer barrel
  • Rear unload with either gravity flow or Viking stainless steel pump
  • In-transit heat for maintaining temperature in very cold weather
  • Thermometers for temperature verification

Remove one elbow and install the second elbow and the trailer converts in about 60 seconds.

  • Side unload in front of the tandems on the passenger’s side equipped with a 4” dry lock valve
  • Ground vent system
  • Fully operational Scully system